Psychologist - Carton

Based in Carlton, Michael Street is a qualified psychologist, therapist and life coach who provides psychotherapy, counselling and coaching services to clients across the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

When it comes to therapy and counselling, everyone has their own set of circumstances and everyone’s needs are different. Michael approaches each of his clients as a unique individual. He tailors his therapeutic approach to your specific requirements and goals, taking the time to understand exactly what you need and hope to achieve with your therapy.

Michael brings insight, life experience and an understanding of life’s challenges to his therapy and counselling sessions. He has an ability to listen from an informed and open minded perspective and an eagerness to guide you through the therapeutic process.

Michael offers a full range of services to individuals and couples from across Melbourne including:

● Marriage and couples counselling
● General counselling services
Life coaching

He can help with a wide range of issues including (but not limited to):

● Addiction problems
● Anger
● Anxiety and depression
● Couples, marriage and relationship issues
● Grief and loss
● Decision making
● Men’s issues
● Work and life goals
● Stress
● Trauma
● Sexual problems

Whether you’re looking for a psychologist, marriage counsellor, life coach or general counselling services, Michael Street has worked people from all over Melbourne. So might well be able to help you.

Finding the Right Psychologist for you

Looking for the best psychologists in Melbourne can be a bit of a subjective thing. When it comes to working with a therapist, the most important factor is how well you get along. You need to feel comfortable and you need to click with your therapist. And the only way to find this out is to talk to different prospective therapists and find one that you feel a rapport with.

Michael has extensive experience easing people into the therapy process and making them feel comfortable. However, different people need different things from a psychologist. So it’s vital that you say so if you’re not comfortable.

If you’re looking for an experienced and qualified psychologist in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, contact Michael Street today. You can give him a call on 0410 521 440 or book an appointment online.