Counselling Services – Melbourne

Are you looking for quality counselling in Melbourne? Then talk to Michael Street today. Michael is a qualified psychologist who offers a range of psychotherapy, life coaching and counselling services to individuals and couples from all over Melbourne.

Based in Carlton, Michael offers counselling and therapy services catering to a wide range of issues including:

● Addiction
● Anger
● Anxiety and depression
● Couples, marriage and relationship issues
● Grief and loss
● Decision making
● Men’s issues
● and life goals
● Trauma
● Sexual problems

Whatever issues you are facing in your life, Michael can help you work through and resolve them in a safe and secure environment.

Approach to Counselling

No two people are the same. Everyone’s experiences are unique. That means the therapy and counselling must be an interactive and personally directed experience tailored to each person’s individual needs.

When it comes to counselling, the best psychologists in Melbourne know that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your counsellor. Michael uses a range of styles and approaches to ensure that you feel comfortable talking and are willing and able to open up. Michael will work to get to know you and understand you as an individual. After that, you can work to explore and resolve the issues you are dealing with using a range of therapeutic approaches and techniques.

Marriage and Couples Counselling

Relationships aren’t easy. They need constant care and attention to keep them on the right path. Unresolved tensions, communication problems, parenting disagreements, intimacy issues – any of these can create serious rifts in a relationship that you might not be able to work through on your own.

Michael offers couples counselling for people all over Melbourne. He can help you confront and work through your relationship issues. He offers expert couples counseling that comes from a place of experience. Michael is a father of two who has gone through a divorce himself. He understands the challenges the relationships can present.
If you’re looking for a marriage counsellor in Melbourne, Michael can help.

Finding the Right Counsellor

Whether you’re looking for a psychologist, counsellor, therapist or life coach, the most important thing is finding someone you feel comfortable with. The best way to find out if a counsellor is right for you is to talk to them, go to a session and find out if they feel like someone you can talk to.

Michael has extensive experience working with a wide range of clients. He knows how to create a safe and secure environment and encourage open discussion. Ultimately, however, it comes down to how comfortable you feel and your willingness to open up with your counsellor.

Contact Michael Today

Wherever you are in Melbourne, whether you’re looking for a marriage counsellor, couples counselling, psychotherapy or a life coach, Michael Street can help. To make a booking or find out if Michael is the counsellor for you, give him a call on 0410 521 440 or book a