Marriage and Couples Counselling - Melbourne

We enter into relationships to get what we can’t get by ourselves. This usually requires an exchange or complementary roles.

Michael Street is an experienced marriage counsellor working with couples from all over Melbourne. He knows how to create a safe and supportive environment that is conducive to the open and honest communication that resolves reltionshjip issues and allows the relationship flourish.

Michael provides marriage and couples counselling services for clients across Melbourne to work through a wide range of issues including:

● Communication
● Parenting
● Financial stress
● Sex and intimacy
● Infidelity
● Family problems
● Life goals
● Loss and grief
● Religious and cultural issues
● Addiction
● Trauma and violence
● Trust problems
● Men’s issues

In working with couples Michael emphasises the roles that each party plays and how that contributes to the situation or circumstances to be worked through. This avoids assigning blame and fault, which may be initially satisfying for a wronged party, but it usually keeps the underlying issues hidden.

Whether you’re just looking to strengthen your relationship or you have specific issues you need to resolve, Michael can help. Based in Carlton, he is a psychologist, therapist and life coach with extensive experience providing expert marriage and couples counseling and psychotherapy to people from all over Melbourne.

Working with a Reluctant Partner

When it comes to couples counselling, the best psychologists in Melbourne know that often one partner is happy to do counselling, while the other can be a reluctant participant.

In these cases they may be sceptical about the value of therapy, perhaps they are afraid of what might come out, or of finding themselves in a ‘two against one’ situation, and being unable to defend themselves in an unfamiliar environment.

Couples counselling works best when both parties are in it together and can agree on a desired outcome

Often, starting work with the willing partner can alleviate these concerns

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Wherever you are in Melbourne, whether you’re looking for a marriage counsellor, couples counselling, psychotherapy or a life coach, Michael Street can help. To make a booking or find out if Michael is the therapist for you, give him a call on 0410 521 440 or you can book an appointment online.